BANAIS RIGHI (wedded to sovereignty)


BANAIS RIGHI (wedded to sovereignty)

Provided by Cyrellys Geibhendach


Across the great breadth of America ther

e is a hidden diaspora which is said to be the corruption’s greatest fear. Why? Because this diaspora was at the heart of this nation’s creation. To this, your nation, they who are your forebears, lent their highest cultural ideals and definition of sovereignty: self-ownership.

My story is a part of your history; a story due to you, for you have inherited a mantle of guardianship, rare and precious. It is a story that has lurked in the shadows of our shared origins, never told for the exacting of a promise of anonymity. That anonymity was a mistake. Today we strive to midwife the full truth of our history, our heritage, our predicament, and our desired legacy into the sunshine; that fullness which knowledge and understanding could bring. From the shores of Strawberry Banks at old Laconia thru the slips of Machias Maine in 1775 and across the wagon trail to Willamette Valley Oregon this tale has traveled to eventually speak to you from the descendants of Nature’s Crowd in central Montana where the Liberty Community assembles a new Redoubt.

Throughout history there has been a line of succession for an alternate nature, that parallels the origins of the evil we fight today. Yes, we are in many respects repeating history. However few things worth doing are only done once.

The roots of the American idea we call sovereignty is ancient beyond your current imaginings. It is said to have been brought to this world from a home we no longer remember as one of our greatest treasures. It was kept close, pondered, and debated...the subject of laws and cultural wrestling matches in old Europe. In the upholding of this ideal, have lived champions who loved life truly and stood between truth and darkness in their own time. Each generation passed it with great honor, pride, and love to the next, advising a careful guard lest it be lost in translation.

My story is in part the story of learned men and women, who as scribes in the annals of the old world gave their lives to guard the concepts that sing you today; they who crossed the great pond as mariners spent their lives in search of places to preserve that highest of treasures; and who as warriors in defense of all life, spent the ultimate sacrifice to assure its continuity. Down thru these many lives, came the legacy which is this story; the story of who YOU ARE.

As a young child I asked the last of our scholars with whom I was blessed to spend my time, what is most important for us? She said to take what little is left and spend it in restoring to memory the vehicle and the identity of a people foreseen by the Ancient Morrigu to lead this world out of the shadow of the uphold human potential. It made little sense to myself, the child, but in these years, in the throws of our human experience spending every waking moment, whole careers, reputations, and more against the corruption I now understand it as an echo of the message in the bottle left with me in my earliest recollection by a member of Washington’s Cruisers – that First Navy, tasked with mounting whatever defense possible against the early days of the Illumines infiltration before the ink was even dry on our treasured Constitution.

That message in the bottle was the product of a cry for assistance that we could not at that time provide for. But that last scholar of the remnants of an ancient and fading people who once were the former defenders of this world and its peoples, had one last hope to give. To the elder of the two gentlemen she said what was sought was sent but it would not occur in their own time but rather in hers...and I looked up from my small sunny spot on the living room rug surrounded by a handful of toys to find her pointing at me.

The tall man, to whom she’d spoke, in the great dark coat, came around the end of the sofa and knelt before the five year old who relates the tale to you now. I remember with great sorrow the terrible despair in his eyes, threatening to cascade down his face in tears.

He said, “ you understand why we are here?”

I remember replying, “yes, you came because you needed our help.”

The man, perhaps nearing the age of retirement from military service, nodded. He took a deep breath. And then he asked one small boon, of all the things he could have said or asked, his request was for but one small thing...something I’ve spent a lifetime striving to understand.

The man put his hand on my shoulder and ducked his head down to my level to see more clearly into my waiting eyes and said, “help them remember who they are.”

I promised I would.

The two men then left and we never seen them was the last that was ever heard from the First Navy, those stalwart guardians on our nation’s shield wall against the corruption we fight today.

So who are you? You are the legacy of the Old World are those shiningPeople, one might refer to as proverbial giant sword wielding champions. To you passes the mantle of the ancient Aes Dana (Old Irish) who planted their future here in the fertile soil of a land just slightly out of reach of ancient tyranny; to think and know truth, to speak well, and to stand against injustice and tyranny when and wherever it is found. To you passes the legacy to protect and nurture human potential; to lead by setting the example to follow.

Across America is a diaspora the corruption fears above all else…

You are it. It has always been each of you, awake and aware, well-fitted against the ancient enemy that enslaves all mankind with variations of tyranny. You are as I am O’ kindred, Banais Righi – wedded to sovereignty. This fight is your fight. To surpass evil is the prophecy spoken of you. Your identity is intertwined with the future of this you, the many look for that strength and grace. They look for the champions they know you to be.

Choose well. Lead well.

Sincerely, the Last Danann.


Authentic Washington Cruiser's Flag.  America's "First Navy" To those who answered his call in 1775

Human Potential & Synchronistic Opportunity

The history of the Bavarian Illuminists runs right up the middle of this history.  They change religion and cultural identity to suit the agenda and goals.  One day they're Scythians, another day their Babylonians or part of the Ancient Egyptian priesthood, and another Khazars or Black Nobility.  Today it is zionists and israelis amongst a variety of other things.  Lol.  Talk about multi-generational cretins.  And that's only the last 5,000 years of their 10,000+ yr history...but that's what we are taught to call conspiracy theory.

They don't usually have the appearance of "kings".  They learned long ago that there's more power and influence to be had off to the side in control of things like money, religion, social networking (both ancient and recent).  You will always find them by looking for the root culture and its traditions.  That culture can be smelt for hundreds of miles and leaves a path of destruction that can be seen gobbling up whole civilizations and nations like the Roman Empire amongst others.  Look carefully at the difference in nature between the influences behind the American Revolution and the French.  The difference between the two lies in who did the choosing and ran the show.

The current spread and scope of the Bavarian pathway was something our founders sought to give alternative to, and whom worried that even this alternative was in danger of being conquered and turned on an ill-informed world.  This has happened and now we're faced with something very unique which could in itself be a doubled edged sword....the Great Awakening.  

Up against a clandestine predatory subculture, we must maintain our Great Awakening in a reasoned and civil manor or risk it being taken from us and used against us in the fight over nation state deconstruction.  The greater influence of the darkness in the woodwork has weaponized our own governance against its people in such a manner that should any of us stray from sainthood in word or deed, we can be accused and assaulted for 'inciting violence'.  Are we as a people sharp enough to work within such parameters to fight a war of a kind never before understood by the layman public?  This was our nation first.  Nature's Crowd built it whilst the Illuminati were distracted taking control of Europe's money and banking.  For over 200 years now they've had the time, resources, and manpower to assert their influence over our institutions and only a multi-faceted awareness is capable of seeing the interconnections and movement of proxies as pawns in a illicit global game.

If ever the sight of Nature's Crowd, who believed in the 'potential' of the Colonists and of those who gravitated to the other ancient culture espousing Justice, Free Will, Honor, Hospitality, Freedom, Truth, and Excellence were in most dire need of being true, now is that time.  It is rare when Human Potential aligns with Synchronistic happened in 1775 resulting in 1776.  It is now happening again as we debate how best to address the problem as a whole, once more appealing to heaven for wisdom and support.  Embracing our original identity, we look down to see the key we seek already within our grasp.  

God does answer prayers

Col. Joseph Reed to Col. Glover October 20 1775:  
We have accounts that the small squadron which sailed some time ago is bombarding Fulmouth and Portsmouth. Our vessels must be careful how they fall in with them. Please to fix upon some particular colour for a flag, and a signal by which our vessels may know one another. What do you think of a flag with a white ground, a tree in the middle, the motto "Appeal to Heaven?

Full letter:
The phrase "Appeal to Heaven" was a popular phrase during and prior to the American Revolution. It represents the colonists trust in God to deliver them from the tyrannical acts of the British government. The phrase is thought to have come from John Locke's work, Second Treatise on Government. The phrase appeared in a letter written by Dr. Joseph Warren shortly after the Battles of Lexington and Concord on behalf of the Massachusetts Provincial Congress to the citizens of Great Britain informing them of the atrocities the British army had just performed on their own people. The letter states in part:" the persecution and tyranny of his cruel ministry, we will not tamely submit; appealing to Heaven for the justice of our cause, "we determine to die, or be free."You can read the complete letter from Dr. Joseph Warren to the Inhabitants of Great Britain of April 26, 1775 here.