The 4 Bold & Brazen Broads of Braudacity


Howdy folks!  

My name is Goldi, & I'll

be your guide as we meet the 4 Bold & Brazen Broads of Braudacity Internet Radio Show presented by  

Let's start from the beginning and I'll let you know how  this exciting journey began. 



 The Story of Goldi


My life was fairly normal.

I was a stay-at-home mom, married for 40yrs to the love of my life, with three sons. 

My oldest had already left home to raise a family,  but we still had one son who was a  college freshman & a severely handicapped adult, & the reason I was a stay-at-home mom. 

Our son will never be able to take care of himself & requires 24-hour care. 

Our son will be with us until there's no longer an us.

Yes, it's a difficult position to be in, but we always considered this part of our lives as a blessing, because even though it is very hard to deal with, as a family we learned very valuable life lessons from the special needs child experience.

Lessons such as unconditional love, patience, compassion, &  myriads more.

Unbeknownst to me, life had many more lessons in store for me, because literally in one brief moment, an unexpected medical event involving my husband, caused my whole world come to a grinding halt.

My husband suddenly passed away, thrusting me into a whole new world of being a widow.

Unexpectedly facing a future taking care of my special needs son, alone instead of sharing that responsibility with my beloved husband.

And this is where synchronicity steps in  & the universe brings people together that otherwise  may never have met. 

Out of 940 million Twitter users, Goldi crossed paths with a well known Twitter mememaster named Anonmonkywrench,  and he invited her to join his group of  researchers and like-minded Patriots, known as Twitter's The Persistence.

Long story short, after doing some research and  working together to try and red pill the normies and expose the corruption strangling our Liberty and freedoms known as the Deep State corruption in tandem with the Qanon movement, Goldi fell in love with Monkey  & the couple eventually crossed paths with MindMix radio owner, Cyrellys, who eventually offered Goldie and Anonmonkeywrench  their very own radio show called Tenacious Veracity, the only TV show worth listening to! 

Unfortunately, even though it was quite successful, because of unforeseen circumstances the Tenacious Veracity show met an early demise.

Fortunately for Goldi, Cy thought it would be a good idea to try her hand at her own radio show, and that is how Braudacity  was born! Goldi, is the main host, however, she has invited her besties,  AnA, Messenger & Cy to join her as co-hosts, as they peruse the Paradigm seeking truth in a world full of lies and Liars.

Everything happened so fast!

One day Goldi went from a widow not knowing what the future held, to  being the host of her own radio show, Braudacity presented by

Ain't life strange๐Ÿ’›



Goldi refers to Ana as the "Lovely Ana the Angel from Australia". 

There are many reasons why Goldi refers to AnA this way, & one of them is because she has a voice like an angel and you can hear that for yourself at the end of every Braudacity show when AnA sings the outro acapella and it it is so hauntingly beautiful it will bring Goosebumps. Her voice is lovely, and eventually she will be adding more song selections to each program. 

But there's another reason that she is lovingly referred to as AnA, the angel from Australia. 

It is because of the anonymous, yet dedicated she & others do behind scenes involving trafficking  rescue for women and children, not

 only in Australia but around the world!  Unfortunately, details have to remain scarce, as not to jeopardize  the immensely important work being done behind the scenes. 

Goldi and AnA crossed paths during the Insignia gate drop, and they've been great friends ever since!

 AnA  was asked to become co-host of the now defunct radio show called Tenacious Veracity.

Out of the demise of that show came Braudacity, and of course AnA was offered   one of the co-host slots & The rest is history. 

Not only does she bring insight  from  an international point of view , but her life experiences make her an invaluable asset to the show.  

We are so blessed to have her be part of this wonderful radio show.



Cyrellys "Cy"๐Ÿ’š


Cyrellys "Cy", owns the "Little radio station that could" known as  MindMindMixRadio.

Cyrellys is also the producer & fearless leader of  Braudacity with Goldi & the Gang! 

Cy is a freelance writer, commentator, research analyst, and communication facilitator. She specializes in exopolitics, celtic and related ancient cultures, ancient archaeology, the deep state and international relations.  She also focuses and covers libertarian-government issues.  

Cy has originated, submitted and maintained articles and commentary to several discussion forums on issues related to these topics. 

Over the last two decades, she has acquired extensive expertise and experience as an Internet forum mediator, writer and research analyst. Extensive analytical experience and writer for political associations, such as the former Open Minds Forum and the Mental Militia. Created and maintained the Manticore group specializing in deep state constructs and international politics. Extensive education and experience in the extraterrestrial contact paradigm. Submitted numerous articles for blogs and associations related to the Disclosure Movement.

She has covered many of the above subjects in some public speaking and on radio interviews โ€“ subjects involving the exopolitical and liberty community dialogs. She was a recent a guest on Susan Lindauerโ€™s New York based radio show, and The Covert Report twice in 2015.

She is currently collaborating with research analyst and former professor of Law and Justice Quintus Dias (Nome de plume), who served as a police officer, nuclear security officer, criminal investigator and intelligence analyst on a literary project leading to the establishment of joint literary agency. 

Cy's family, as members of the Old Irish clans of the Pacific Northwest, passed on to her an extensive education in Celtic culture and spiritual legends.

She is extremely interested in the sociology, cultural-anthropology, technology, spiritual values and philosophy of the ancient Druids and the Celtic host culture. She is a pathfinder for and plank owner in the pro-Disclosure Movement involving anomalous aspects of ancient history and exopolitical truths.


 current research includes contrasting and comparing a body of work encompassing the postwar Nazi influence in the deep political state involving continuity of government and global politics. These interests also include a search for the meaning and outcomes associated with synchronicity and themes of the inexplicable nature of the universe impacting our consciousness and that consciousness affecting the inexplicable nature of the universe.

Be sure to visit www.www.mindmixradio for further programming information.